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Master in Physical Activity and Health, Real Madrid-UEM

The Master’s in Physical Activity and Health (Official) is part of the Graduate Program of “Sports, Physical Activity and Health”, together with the Universidad Europea de Madrid doctorate in the same specialty.

This Master’s in Physical Activity and Health is the first official master’s degree of these characteristics in Spain.

For a long time now, the concept of health has been associated with the classic definition: the absence of disease (the biomedical model).

The new concept of health proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) entails alternative guidelines that require us to adopt behavior that reduces the possibility of contracting disease, ailments and suffering (the biopsychosocial model).

Based on this biopsychosocial model, a program has been developed to consist of courses that are fundamentally focused on health and that take into account biological, psychological and social aspects.

This master’s is designed for individuals with an undergraduate degree in any of these areas: physical activity and sports, psychology, pedagogy, physical therapy, nursing, or medicine; credentialed school teachers with a physical education specialization are also included. Upon completion of the master’s degree coursework, students will be awarded the Master’s Degree in Physical Activity and Health (Official).



This module consists of subjects related to acquiring knowledge of the physiological processes involved in the adaptation of the human body to physical exercise and includes content on genetics.


This module covers those subjects that involve interaction with subjects, such as assessment, monitoring, control and the use of new technologies, as well as subjects related to psychological and pedagogical aspects for increased commitment to, involvement in and importance of physical exercise.


This module consists of a series of subjects related to the interpretation and design of research activity; an essential requirement for subsequently undertaking a Doctor’s Degree.

The laboratories and other facilities are fitted with a wide range of equipment:

Exercise Physiology Laboratory:Vmax Gas Analyzer, YSI 1500 Lactate Analyser, ABL-77 pH and electrolyte analyzer, electromagnetic cycloergometer and mechanical cycloergometer, arm ergometer, tread mill, blood biochemistry analyzer, ammonium analyzer, electrostimulator, electromyography, material for anthropometry and body composition analysis, 12 channel ECG, heart rate telemeters, etc.

Sports Training Laboratory: Machines for assessing and analyzing isodynamic strength, portable accelerometers for estimating calorie use, heart rate telemeter and fitness gym.

Biomedicine Laboratory: SISMEX blood, biochemical and hormone (ELISA, RIA, etc.) analyzer, state-of-the-art DNA sequencer with hair strand technology, etc.

Biomechanics Laboratory: Dynamometric platform, two- and three-dimensional digitalization, gymnastics floor mat for the performance of kinematic and kinetic analyses, etc.

Furthermore, students may also complete internships at off-campus centers:

Hospital Niño Jesús de Madrid (Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant service), internal hospital training gym for child and adolescent cancer patients and cellular biology laboratory

Gym and facilities of the Sports Complex at the Universidad Europea de Madrid

Fitness centers and sports medicine centers

Student Profile: University graduates (with either 3 or 5-year Bachelor Degrees) in Physical Exercise Sciences, Pedagogy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Medicine and teachers who specialize in Physical Education.

Duration: 60 ECTS credits distributed from October 2009 to July 2010.

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